About Us

Improving Spaces With Quality Home Improvement Services

BMG Painting & Remodel LLC initially opened in 2005 but had to close just three short years later due to the crash of the housing market. In 2016, we were able to reopen the business in Olympia, Washington, completing quality paint jobs for every client.

Brian’s Background

Brian Gobat has been in the painting industry for 25 years. Today, he applies unmatched skills and knowledge to ensure superior house painting services for each project.

BMG Painting & Remodel LLC
BMG Painting & Remodel LLC

Faith-Based Business

As a faith-based company, we proudly operate with high regard for honest, transparent service. That is why we employ the services of reliable staff, ensuring integrity in everything we do.

Superb Service

Our focus is on providing above exceptional customer service. Rest easy knowing we always ensure excellent workmanship, striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction every time.

How Can We Help?

Let us know by reaching out to our friendly staff here in Olympia, Washington.